Expecting Mommy Tip of the Day #2 Sleep Sleep Sleep

Pregnancy can give insomnia to some mommies and I know things can be uncomfortable and it might be difficult to sleep but you must sleep and take rest as much as you can. A good night’s sleep will help you feel refreshed for the next day. It may probably help relieving your aches and pains,  your acidity and heartburn and other issues you may have. Also once baby comes  you might be sleep deprived and you need all the stored energy during the first couple years of the baby/toddler stage.

Some ways to fall asleep that worked for me when I was pregnant were:

1. Read books before sleeping.

2. Watch a very boring movie

3. Write your diary at night. Once you have everything in your head out on paper, you probably will sleep better.

4. Drink a cup of warm/hot milk sometimes with a pinch of turmeric.

5. Get a nice back rub or foot massage from your partner. While getting a foot massage make sure your ankles are not massaged. I am not sure if it is an old wives’ tale but someone told me that there is a point on the ankle which if massaged, can put you in labor. Unless you are past due, then that needs a whole different post 🙂

6. Ask your husband to tell you a story.. i know this sounds stupid but it worked for me so many times.. I used to fall asleep within one or two sentences 🙂

7. Close your eyes and count the sheep!

8. Talk all your worries out with your partner, parents or close friends before sleeping.

9. Listen to soothing music

Please feel free to add to this list in your comments. Hope you all have a good night tonight! If not feeling sleepy yet, try one of the above and tell me if it worked for you!



Expecting Mommy Tip of the Day #1: Pregnant Belly is Not Buddha’s Belly! Stop Rubbing it!

I decided to start a new “tip of the day” category. Let’s see how many tips I can come up with 🙂

Today’s Tip of the Day : Pregnant Belly is Not Buddha’s Belly! Stop Rubbing it!

People somehow think it is ok to rub a pregnant woman’s belly! Be prepared to face this situation!  While some pregnant woman are ok with it, some really get offended! If you don’t like being touched like that by strangers on the street , neighbors or even co-workers, come up with a reasoning to give people  and stick up to it! Religious reasons really work well with general people so even if you are not really religious, you can use it to save you from unwanted physical contact. Or if you are pretty straightforward, you can just directly ask people to not rub your belly. If you don’t want to be called mean after being straight forward , feel free to blame it on pregnancy hormones and mood swings!!!!



Crochet Baby Cap!

When I talked about stress busters during pregnancy I forgot to mention “crochet”. I learnt crochet and have made two crochet projects only based on youtube videos and books and internet instructions.

Here are the best instructions out there for crochet on the internet on the following website :


I made this hat for my baby which really fit him when he was around 6 months. The hat was a one-two day project and it really took my mind off of all the little worries I had during those two days. And the art instructions made it seem so simple that I really enjoyed what I was doing.


What will you be  making on your own or you made already for your newborn? Please share your ideas!


If there was a pregnancy survival kit..

If there was such a thing as a pregnancy survival kit, I would include the following :

1. Nausea Medicine, Tums and others in this criteria

2. Morning Sickness Tea/Ginger Tea

3. Pregnancy Books including one for the new Dads

4. Pregnancy Yoga and Exercise DVDs

5. List of Restaurant menus with delivery/pickup options

6. Massage and Movie gift cards

7. Pregnancy Pillow

8. A good Tummy butter/oil to keep stretch marks at minimum

9. Jean and Bra extensions

10. Loose clothing

11. Maternity belt

12. Postpartum belt

What would you add to this pregnancy  “must have”list?


Babymoon Destination 1 – Las Vegas

Come second trimester and for most mommies the yucky feeling  is gone. The doctors most of the times give an OK to travel by airplanes during these months. There is not much heaviness of the baby or any heartburns that are almost guaranteed in the late third trimester. This is the best time to go out with your partner to movies, restaurants, meet your friends and dance a little (please take your doctor’s permission to do so), wear pretty clothes, look lovely, travel to awesome destinations that you might not be able to travel with baby and/or relax! Vacation to a relaxing place with your significant other during pregnancy is termed as “baby moon”. It is the time you and your partner can share alone before the baby arrives and have good memories of  it for a long time. Trust me ! Finding alone time is going to be very difficult on arrival of baby!

I will be researching some destinations and writing about them in Babymoon Travel Category as time goes by. Here  is my first post on this topic.

Las Vegas was the first place that came to my mind as a “top babymoon destination”. Shockingly enough my Google search for “top babymoon destinations” did not agree with me. Well, atleast on the first results page!  Maybe being a local “Las Vegan” I am biased but I feel it can be one of the best destinations for baby moon. Here’s why :

1. Needless to say Las Vegas has tons of luxurious hotels to choose from.  In pregnancy, smoking can be a major concern but most  hotels have non smoking zones inside the casino section. If you are not big into gambling, this should not really bother you , as most shopping arcades inside the casinos are smoke free. Spas are smoke free. You will find large smoke free zones in indoor pools,  restaurants and kids areas. Hotels offer smoke free rooms. If you do a Google Search on smoke free hotels you will find a few top non smoking hotels in Las Vegas.  Believe it or Not!

Following are some examples of smoke free/gambling free hotels in Las Vegas within a few minutes of the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Most hotels have awesome luxury spas with a menu to indulge. Most of them offer prenatal massages too!  What is better than getting a great massage in the tiring pregnancy days? A massage, a facial, pedicure, manicure and off you can go in style and party or just get a good relaxing night’s sleep. There is an off strip spa  Belly Bliss that is completely dedicated to Pregnant and New mommies!

3. Food! Come baby, it is going to be very difficult to go to fancy restaurants unless you find a baby sitter first. Las Vegas gives you an array of the fanciest restaurants in the world and many cuisine options to choose from. Las Vegas has restaurants of some of the best chefs in the world. The sin city also claims to have some really good buffets that offer world cuisines that you can enjoy. And trust me you enjoy food the most in second trimester without the nausea from first trimester and the heartburn from second trimester.

4. Cirque Du Soleil and other Las Vegas shows! If you come to Las Vegas you should and definitely should watch a Cirque show or a Celine Dion show or David Copperfield show or any others that are showing at the time you come! They are classy, breath taking and just beyond imagination if you have never been to one before! Come baby, even watching a show on TV is going to be difficult at times. Going out to theaters without a reliable baby sitter  will be out of question!  Pregnancy is the best time to catch up on all these shows without too much effort. I assure you, these shows will be one of the best treats you ever gave yourself!

5. Awesome pregnancy photo locations! Natural and Man Made! You will find hundreds of locations to take the best pregnancy photos in Las Vegas. The welcome to Las Vegas sign, The Eiffel Tower at Paris, The Bellagio , the Venetian, Red Rock State Park, Wynn, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire even places like Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon!!

6. Wedding Destination! Many a times couples decide to get married before the baby comes. Las Vegas provides a perfect destination for a wedding.  Las Vegas Bridesmaids can even help you plan one if your are interested. Check their blog out to get more information on Las Vegas Weddings.

I hope I have convinced you enough that Las Vegas is not only a destination to party, gamble, get drunk and act like weirdos but it also provides wonderful opportunities to make beautiful memories in your life before the much awaited arrival.

If you are interested in babymooning here email me at ninemonthsofshower(at)gmail(dot)com and I can help you plan one!

Happy BabyMooning!!!

Disclaimer : I am writing this blog and referring these links solely because I want to. I am not being asked to refer to any of the above businesses by any of them. I don’t get paid to write this blog and refer links. Always check facts about smoking policies, spas, etc with hotels before booking  as circumstances can change over time.