Nine Months of Shower has a new eCommerce website coming up. I will be announcing more details soon on what it entails. To keep yourself updated with more news on this, please register at the DotCom website below :
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I am very excited about this! Hope you will be too!


Mango Jam – satisfy your tangy pregnancy #cravings

Mango Jam!! Yummy!

Mango Jam!! Yummy!


I tried making this mango jam today and was wondering if it could make a perfect morning sickness remedy. I never happened to try it when I was pregnant but I am thinking adding a dash of ginger to this mango and citrus jam will do the trick. The recipe was also very easy to make. I will post it as soon as I get to uploading more pictures.


How to be pregnant and still enjoy #fireworks on #4th July?

Ahh! It is Independence week and so hot here in the USA! How to save yourself from the heat and still enjoy firework displays? How to be in a crowd but still be able to reach a bathroom quickly so you can pee? 4th of July is so much fun to celebrate but yet so hard on pregnant women who want to be a part of the celebration too.

A family gettogether and private firework celebration might be the best bet here. But what if you want to be a part of the crowd and see a parade or late night fireworks display. I say go for it! Just be there early so you find the best parking spot. If you are at a downtown parade, check if there is a restaurant you can be close by to so you can keep yourself hydrated with fluids as much as you want and still enjoy the hoopla! And being a customer to this restaurant will give you key to their restrooms! If you are going to a fireworks display on an open ground, make sure to carry water with you. Find the closest parking spot or maybe the farthest if they have a bus service so you can get out the soonest. Be sure to leave a little earlier before the whole show ends so you will be able to get away quickly. Always get to know the whole area so you know where the closest port a potty is… I would just say avoid the port a potty if at all possible and be at a place where there are real restrooms available but that is just my personal opinion. Avoid walking in too much crowd so you don’t get pushed or nudged or anything like that. Be safe and don’t wear heels. Bring a friend along to enjoy with and also to help you carry your food , water or a chair maybe…

And the most important thing is enjoy the show!Have fun with your family and friends and remember what you are celebrating for!

Be safe and enjoy 4th of July!