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#Friendships During and After #Pregnancy (especially 1st pregnancy)

Happy Friendship Day to everyone!

If you are pregnant for the first time and not many friends of yours have had kids before , I know what kind of a feeling that is. You feel your friends are there for you but wonder if they really understand what you are going through. The vulnerable stage of wanting to share every detail of your life without making them uncomfortable. Frankly let me tell you right away, if you have friends or know people without kids during your pregnancy only very few , really close friends from this particular group that are not into kiddy mode themselves are going to stick with you for the rest of your life.

Others will make it very clear that you are now my dear a mom and not one of them. You will be easily dropped out of invitations, parties or might be asked to get a sitter when you show up next to their fun get-togethers.

And this is not to bash people without kids or anything. I think it is just a natural phase. You will not have much in common with them. You will not always have time or patience or energy or a sitter to party every Friday night. You will be full of baby stories (which you really intend not to speak about but blurt them out anyway!) or your Facebook page will be full of baby updates including poop that they didn’t need to know. So naturally that bond is going to get loose sooner or later.

Fear not mommy! This is not the end of fun friendships! In fact at this time, you will find another pregnant woman at your work, or on your street or at the hospital visit with whom you will click and that click might be the beginning of a very strong bond of a new kind of friendship. The Being a Mommy and Sharing Woes Kinda Bond! The only Moms will understand kind of bond! You will share your pregnancy cravings, details about sex during and after pregnancy, your baby woes, potty training and if you are really lucky you will stick with each other and share teenage woes together!

Remember, at every stage in life, friends change, the way friendships work change but true friends will stay with you forever no matter where you are, what you do , how far you live from each other, whether you have kids or not or they have kids or not they will be there for you. So don’t worry and enjoy this day like you never did before and cherish all the memories you have made with all your wonderful friends. And if you can remember, try and be a good friend yourself!