Why Pregnancy takes nine long months?

One word : Patience! If you have been an impatient person throughout your life, here is a chance nature is giving you to develop patience. Pregnancy does create lot of questions and anxieties during nine months. How will the baby look like? Will it be a boy or a girl? Will everything be normal with him/her? What name to choose? And to know most of these you have to wait for nine months. Well yes, technology has changed and you get to know gender and looks from the ultrasounds. But still a woman needs patience to wait for nine long months before she can hold her baby in her arms or before she can start sleeping comfortably in her bed (or so she thinks she can do after the baby is born, but thats a talk for another time…:))

And after the baby is born , parents are very much eager to see baby reach different milestones like oh he is a month old, he is smiling now. Or she is only 3 months and she rolled on her tummy! He is walking at 6 months old or oh, she is not walking yet and her first birthday is next week. The other babies in her music/baby gym class are already running..

All the phases of a baby like  first smile,  hand and eye co-ordination, stomach roll, crawl, standing and pulling up, walking are exciting phases. But all these take time to develop. There are monthly milestones for a human baby. And as a parent you learn to be patient so your little one takes his or her own time to meet these milestones. Sometimes as a parent you look at other babies and wonder when will yours start to do the same thing. And pregnancy taught you patience and made you wise to use it since then!

This education that nature gives us can be put to use during potty training, babies’ sicknesses, messy eating habits, separation anxieties, tantrums and so on. And trust me if I have become calm enough to deal with all this and put up a smile at the end of the day then you can too! Motherhood is tough but with a little patience you understand that it is totally worth it!