Father’s Day Special!

Since this is the month of June and we are all waiting eagerly to celebrate Father’s Day, I will try to include more Daddy-related articles this month.

The feeling of baby is so real to a pregnant woman. Being pregnant, we feel the weight of the baby, her movements, his butterfly kicks, heartburns, etc. But for the Dads it is very difficult to develop a bond with the baby until they see it for real. (Dads if you are reading this blog and feel this is untrue please feel free to share your experience). Some might infact find it intimidating to love the baby in mother’s belly because they see what changes it is doing to the human being they love the most. It is a natural instinct and to help them through this process I feel Dads should be involved in the whole pregnancy process from the get go. If they have the time from their busy work schedule, they should be encouraged to attend Doctor appointments so they get to hear the heartbeat of the baby or see the baby move in the ultrasound appointments.They should be encouraged to touch your belly and talk/sing/read to the baby in the belly as it will help them set a routine of spending time with you and baby and eventually a very special bond between the Daddy and baby will be developed.

Hope this small piece of advice helps new moms and dads develop a special bond with their baby that will remain strong forever in the future!