Mango Jam – satisfy your tangy pregnancy #cravings

Mango Jam!! Yummy!

Mango Jam!! Yummy!


I tried making this mango jam today and was wondering if it could make a perfect morning sickness remedy. I never happened to try it when I was pregnant but I am thinking adding a dash of ginger to this mango and citrus jam will do the trick. The recipe was also very easy to make. I will post it as soon as I get to uploading more pictures.


Crochet Baby Cap!

When I talked about stress busters during pregnancy I forgot to mention “crochet”. I learnt crochet and have made two crochet projects only based on youtube videos and books and internet instructions.

Here are the best instructions out there for crochet on the internet on the following website :


I made this hat for my baby which really fit him when he was around 6 months. The hat was a one-two day project and it really took my mind off of all the little worries I had during those two days. And the art instructions made it seem so simple that I really enjoyed what I was doing.


What will you be  making on your own or you made already for your newborn? Please share your ideas!