10 Things you wish you did before you had your baby!

Here are 10 things that I feel were a must do before a baby!
These are not in any particular order of importance. I am sure you got tons more! Share with me in your comments!

1. Watched a ton of movies in theatres

2. Watched as many Cirque and Broadway and other shows as possible

3. Slept Slept and Slept and Slept some more!

4. Exercised and kept yourself fit!

5. Went out on dates regularly and did “couples only ” things with your husband/partner

6. Made friends with people who already had kids

7.  Ate at all fancy restaurants in town!

8. Go on a big vacation with your partner only!

9. Made a lot of girlfriends and did girly things

10.  Shopped till you dropped! Come baby, Internet shopping is going to be your life savior!