Relief to the Yucky Feeling

First Trimester and Morning Sickness are sometimes synonymous. And the morning sickness may not be just in the mornings. You can feel queasy at any time of the day. Any smell can throw you off. Or a certain type of food may make you more nauseous than others. I remember when I was pregnant, I could not eat my favorite foods like pasta and chicken. Some fortunate women don’t feel this sickness at all while some may face the excessive sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. There was news some months ago where the Duchess of Cambridge was rumored to have this and was hospitalized. Yes there are some extreme cases and it is better to take advise of doctors in those cases.

I did not have HG but I was still taking a prescribed medicine for Nausea in order to keep the vomiting low that enabled me to eat well. You can always take suggestions from your doctor for safe medications to help with nausea. Here are some at home tips written by my close friend and medical nutritionist / dietician Manasi Joshi to help alleviate the issue on her blog  here :


Hope these tips help with your morning sickness and your mornings are more beautiful soon!


Wow! I am Pregnant!

The joys and sorrows of being pregnant start from the day you find out that you are pregnant! Your pharmacy pregnancy tests show a positive and right then your heart starts pounding! You are excited as hell but at the same time you figure that life is not going to be the same anymore. All you worry about now is if you jump a little or exercise, will everything be still ok? Millions of questions come to your mind! Like

  • I don’t have a gynecologist! What to do? How to select one?
  • How do I tell my husband/boyfriend about this?
  • How do I tell my parents?
  • Can I exercise now?
  • Oh! Does this mean I cannot drink that glass of wine anymore?
  • What will happen at my job?
  • What will happen to my figure?

and lots more!  If only, I could call someone at exactly that moment and they could tell me RELAX! Everything will just be fine! Your questions will be answered and all your doubts will be cleared! All you have to do is breathe!

This blog was created to be that “Go To” Best Friend who will  help you to be positive throughout these nine months. We would like to shower you with all our love these nine months! Relax Mama! You will be taken care of here at Nine Months of Shower !