How to choose a gynecologist?

When I was pregnant and new in town I had no clue how to look for a gynecologist.  Also my insurance limited a lot of gynecologists that I could choose from. That did not help me much but even from that small pool there was a task in front of me to make sure I chose the right practice.

Before actually looking for one, make a list of what is important to you, for example

1. Someone who has a more holistic approach and  not a pill pusher

2. Someone who is willing to honor your birthplan or someone who is able to guide you to make one and help stick to it in most circumstances

3. Someone who encourages waterbirth if you are looking for one or someone who is ok to not give you epidural or maybe someone who wants to give it to you right away

4. Someone who is rightly qualified and reliable

5. Someone who is not outright mean or if you want one then someone who is very straightforward and right to the point and sometimes mean

6. Someone who practices in a certain hospital that is close to you or reputed in your area, etc.

These are just examples of what you may or may not want from a doctor. It is not a complete list or a go to list of what you may want in one but it is a good starting point.

Once you have the list  of what you are looking for then you can go searching for one using a guideline as listed below!

1. Go through your insurance list and see who offers services under your plan

2. Then first check who are the closest to you

3. Now go to the internet and check ratings. Look for comments and reviews.

4. See if this doctor reviews tell you what you want him / her to be based on your needs listed above.

5. If not, take an appointment to just have a conversation with the practice to get a feel for it. Then make a decision. If you dont find him/her satisfactory move on. Though remember some doctors don’t take new patients if you are far too along in your pregnancy already while looking for a change. I am not sure if a gynecologist will just meet you for a conversation but you can always call and check and sometimes they wont charge you for just an introductory visit.

6. If you have friends with kids in the same town ask where they go and ask for their recommendations. If you do not know anyone in town, consider joining a club for new mommies or see if your area has meetups for new moms. Meetup.com has great resources for finding people who are going through everything you are and form an excellent support system.

Hope these tips help you find the doctor you want!

If you have any more tips please let me know and I will add them here!