Nine months of Anxiety – Solution 2 Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

Nothing more is calming than closing eyes and meditating when you are feeling very vulnerable. If you have never tried yoga and meditation before you can either join local prenatal yoga classes or buy prenatal yoga DVDs and try them out. Remember taking your doctor’s or midwife’s permission is important here. Also remember to do everything at a slow pace and no need to hurry in different yoga postures.

Meditation helps in calming mind, connecting with the baby in the womb, growing confidence in yourself. It is also known to aid in digestion, solve breathing issues and some other health concerns you may have. Prenatal Yoga postures help you stretch your muscles that have been stressed due to your increasing weight and awkward postures. ┬áIt helps with sciatica nerve pain, lower back pain, etc. A calm and stress free mind provides baby with a safe environment. The baby feels mother’s stress even in the womb. It affects baby’s emotions and well being. Hence it is very important for a pregnant mother to be in the best moods possible in these nine months. A calm mind will also help you take the right decisions for your baby. It will also positively affect your relationship with your partner who is getting used to a changing you.

So go ahead and take a deep breath and remember Don’t over do it!