Expecting Mommy Tip of the Day #1: Pregnant Belly is Not Buddha’s Belly! Stop Rubbing it!

I decided to start a new “tip of the day” category. Let’s see how many tips I can come up with ūüôā

Today’s Tip of the Day :¬†Pregnant Belly is Not Buddha’s Belly! Stop Rubbing it!

People somehow think it is ok to rub a pregnant woman’s belly! Be prepared to face this situation! ¬†While some pregnant woman are ok with it, some really get offended! If you don’t like being touched like that by strangers on the street , neighbors or even co-workers, come up with a reasoning to give people ¬†and stick up to it! Religious reasons really work well with general people so even if you are not really religious, you can use it to save you from unwanted physical contact. Or if you are pretty straightforward, you can just directly ask people to not rub your belly. If you don’t want to be called mean after being straight forward , feel free to blame it on pregnancy hormones and mood swings!!!!



Asking for help when Pregnant and After Delivery.

At work or at home, please feel free to ask for help. If you need to carry weights for more than 20 lbs, please check with your doctor for a limit and a note. If you are dealing with morning sickness try to reduce your work timings or change them to more suitable ones. Try to get your work responsibilities changed to less stressful ones if possible.

If you are not able to cook/clean, ask someone from your family to come and help. My mother in law offered to take care of me during my first trimester as my husband was in law school and I think that was the best thing that could have happened! My morning sickness was controlled in a few days after she arrived and I got delicious and healthy home made food I was craving for! Not everyone gets along with their MIL so if you don’t want to call yours that is perfectly fine.

But don’t say no to any kind of help that you can get. If your friends want to do something for you, ask them to bring you fresh food or help you with the groceries or take care of your first child for an hour or two while you catch a nap.

Our subdivision does a MealTrain (http://www.mealtrain.com/) for new moms for almost a month from due date. I think it is the best support you can get when everyone is so busy and tired after the new arrival. My point for this post is REST as much as you can because once the baby is here, you will forget what resting peacefully was!


Nine months of Anxiety – Solution 2 Prenatal Yoga and Meditation

Nothing more is calming than closing eyes and meditating when you are feeling very vulnerable. If you have never tried yoga and meditation before you can either join local prenatal yoga classes or buy prenatal yoga DVDs and try them out. Remember taking your doctor’s or midwife’s permission is important here. Also remember to do everything at a slow pace and no need to hurry in different yoga postures.

Meditation helps in calming mind, connecting with the baby in the womb, growing confidence in yourself. It is also known to aid in digestion, solve breathing issues and some other health concerns you may have. Prenatal Yoga postures help you stretch your muscles that have been stressed due to your increasing weight and awkward postures. ¬†It helps with sciatica nerve pain, lower back pain, etc. A calm and stress free mind provides baby with a safe environment. The baby feels mother’s stress even in the womb. It affects baby’s emotions and well being. Hence it is very important for a pregnant mother to be in the best moods possible in these nine months. A calm mind will also help you take the right decisions for your baby. It will also positively affect your relationship with your partner who is getting used to a changing you.

So go ahead and take a deep breath and remember Don’t over do it!


Wow! I am Pregnant!

The joys and sorrows of being pregnant start from the day you find out that you are pregnant! Your pharmacy pregnancy tests show a positive and right then your heart starts pounding! You are excited as hell but at the same time you figure that life is not going to be the same anymore. All you worry about now is if you jump a little or exercise, will everything be still ok? Millions of questions come to your mind! Like

  • I don’t have a¬†gynecologist! What to do? How to select one?
  • How do I tell my husband/boyfriend about this?
  • How do I tell my parents?
  • Can I exercise now?
  • Oh! Does this mean I cannot drink that glass of wine anymore?
  • What will happen at my job?
  • What will happen to my figure?

and lots more!  If only, I could call someone at exactly that moment and they could tell me RELAX! Everything will just be fine! Your questions will be answered and all your doubts will be cleared! All you have to do is breathe!

This blog was created to be that “Go To” Best Friend who will ¬†help you to be positive throughout these nine months. We would like to shower you with all our love these nine months! Relax Mama! You will be taken care of here at Nine Months of Shower !