Nine Months of Anxiety – Solution 1 Pregnancy Journals

Whenever I am anxious, writing has really helped me out to clear my mind. Pregnancy is a time when a woman is most anxious about everything. If a routine of journalling your thoughts and feelings is set , it might help you calm down.

Following are a few ideas to write about in your journal

1. Your changing life and your reaction to it including your fears, your anxiety, etc.

2. Your thoughts and ideas that you want to share with your future baby

3. You can track your weight, your growing belly size

4. Your changed feelings towards your partner and how you want to see him as your baby’s father

5. You can take your picture each month and add to the journal (make it in a scrapbook format)

6. You can write down what kind of a mom you want to be for your baby.

7. You can write poems or rhymes

8. You can write anything under the sun and it need not be planned.

The main idea is to let go of your unsettled mind and breathe easily and feel good. So dont stress if you don’t write your journal with perfection. It is just something you can read few years later and feel good about.