a baby shower gift for the new #dad !

Have you had your own or attended baby showers where the new dad was given gifts? What do you think would be good gifts for a new or expecting dad?
I tried to put up a list of some good items to give to an expecting dad. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and ideas.

Here are some gift ideas for the new and expecting dads :
1. Pregnancy Book for Dads (so they know what the heck they have gotten themselves and their partners into!!) 🙂
2. Starbucks Gift Cards (they need more caffeine to stay awake and change all those diapers at night, no?!!)
3. Headphones (to use when they are busy with work and baby is crying!!)
4. Restaurant Gift Cards (for the non chef dads to bring meals home when mommy is too busy attending baby!!)
5. A dude diaper bag
6. Photo frames (for the office)
7. Phone Numbers of Nannies or Babysitting Vouchers (so he can plan some dates with his wife/partner!!)

What else would you add to this list?


5 thoughts on “a baby shower gift for the new #dad !

  1. I’ve never had a baby shower but I think the idea of giving gifts for the dad too is really cool. I know that my husband felt pretty disconnected from the whole event thanks to the military– he wasn’t there for pregnancy cravings, most of the labor scares, and he didn’t even get to go to the doctor with me until the very end. He was really stressed out and could have used something thoughtful from a friend!

  2. Megan, That is an awesome idea! Onesies about Dads are a great gift! I remember my husband and I were picking out the first set of clothes for my son and we were both wanting those to have something written about mommy or daddy.

    Amanda, you are very brave to have had dealt with all of the pregnancy process alone with your husband being in military. I do think all the marketing is generally towards moms and babies when it comes to pregnancy and very little towards new and expecting dads and some thoughtful gifts for dads may help them calm down a bit.

  3. My husband loved getting Daddy’s little princess onesies and shirts as shower presents. I think the restaurant gift cards are genius! There were so many nights when I was too tired to cook and my husband doesn’t know how. That would have been great!

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